Where have we been hiding?

by Laura Lindsay

So... It would seem Edinburgh took it out of us somewhat! No blog for 6 months! How have you coped?! Well don't you worry here's an inspiring entry to enrich your lives*

Edinburgh was THE MOST amount of fun and THE MOST tiring thing ever ever ever. Then again I usually avoid anything too strenuous, so maybe it was just like having a 'normal' job, y'know where you have to work hard and that. It was like getting married everyday for a month. Fun, but after a while wishing someone else would wear the pretty dress, pose for the photos and pay for the buffet, to allow me to go and vomit in the chocolate fountain and snog the bride's uncle...

Anyhoo... Edinburgh, was despite the pain, very much worth it. We sold out most nights and got some right good reviews. There were a couple of hairy moments...when I left Pete to deal with the dénouement of the play without the 'key' prop, which I had lost...ooops ... oh and when, in my eagerness to see a lot of stuff, I left just 15 minutes between watching a play and BEING IN a play... double ooops, I also choked on stage - no I didn't forget my lines - like I actually choked - like cough cough splutter argh I can't breathe choke. Still if I had've died (and this was a distinct possibility and I'm definitely NOT being melodramatic) at least I would've died doing what I love - choking on a cold sausage...

We have also got a NATIONAL TOUR programmed as a result of the Edinburgh run** wooooooooooo! We at Black Toffee are proper chuffed with it too. We've got 11 venues over 5 months - all the dates and venues are listed here.

The proper hot of the press very very exciting news is that we have got Arts Council funding to do the tour! Boom. This is brilliant because it means we can do lots of cool stuff like run workshops, get help with PR and marketing...oh and pay ourselves so we can eat - hooray!! We've got lots of brilliant new people on board the team for the tour - Emma McDowell (Marketing Manager), David Burns (PR Manager) and Caroline Hetherington (accent coach).

We start rehearsals this week - just checking we still know our lines, where to stand and how to avoid the furniture, like. Would be great to see you on the tour. Yes you. Ah go on! :)

* the enrichment qualities of this blog have been tested on a sample group of one. Black Toffee cannot verify whether this was in fact the blogger herself (I mean - y'know if it is in fact a she...)

**please note this refers to the 'run' of the production - I did not in fact do any running in Edinburgh. It's really quite hilly y'see. Oh and I HATE running. Oh no I tell a lie I did run once - in the 15 minutes I had to get to the theatre before we opened the house...oooh sweaty