18 days to go!

by Laura Lindsay

Ooh by 'eck it's been a while since we've posted a blog - how very remiss of us! But it's not cos we've been lazy - promise! We've been proper busy at Black Toffee, we'll not bore you with the details. But to summarise:

Re:play = v good (got 4 stars from The Guardian don't you know!)
We got into Underbelly = v good + over the moon 
We reached our Kickstarter target = v good + over the moon + humbled
Started programming our spring tour 2014 = v good + over the moon + EXCITED
18 days till we open = v good + over the moon + EXCITED + a little bit of wee came out.

Preparations for the madness that is Edinburgh Festival Fringe are well under way. We have filmed our trailer with the kind assistance of Amy McIntyre, Lucy Lincoln, Owen Rafferty, Aaron Porter, Lauren Bee, Sam Okell, Simon Tierney-Wigg, Suzie Short and cracking music composition by Harri Chambers. Check it out on our homepage or on this vimeo link.

Accommodation is booked. Flyers are ordered. Set is being built. Rehearsals start on Monday. eeep! We'll keep you posted with photos and hilarious* anecdotes from rehearsals. We'd be really grateful if you can tweet, facebook and generally witter on about us to anyone who'll listen. Share the Facebook site. Follow us on Twitter. Share the Trailer.  Share the love**

* Black Toffee cannot be held responsible if the reader does not find any, or all, of the anecdotes 'hilarious'.

** Apologies for using this phrase. But we're a bit excited. So suck it up :P