Ergo it's the ego

by Laura Lindsay


50 industry invites gone out, only 62 more to do…zzzzzz  Sending invites is hard. It is hard to sound original and personal and interesting and not ever-so-slightly desperate especially when it’s taken you all day and it’s now 1:55 in the morning. It is a very dispiriting thing to do, because you know that the vast majority will get no response and your email will be one of 100’s of invites these industry folk will get in a week. But it is a necessary evil. I would kick myself if I didn’t do it and NOONE came. It’s rather like Coventry playing Shrewsbury on New Years Day, I could have gone to watch the match. I didn’t. Cov lost. Ergo I am possibly, by my inaction, in someway, responsible. Kind of. It is indeed that level of deluded egotism that is required when sending invites to industry, otherwise no one would do it.

And damn Christmas got in the way…there was no point in sending out invites before Christmas as it was a whole year away (kind of) and now it’s the 3rd of January and we’re on in less than a fortnight – arrrghh! I find it slightly distasteful promoting one’s own work (yes I did just use one – I’m proper like that!) I would much rather concentrate on the good old acting part of it, after all that’s why I got into this industry because I like to ACT, not because I like to bombard people’s inboxes with invitations to things in the hope that I may someday convince someone that I might possibly be able to act and that they might possibly want to have half an eye on me whilst I’m doing so. I hate self-promotion, but it’s a means to an end I guess, and no one else is gonna do it.  I hope those of you who know me will forgive me my sickening self-promoting egotism (and those of you who don’t know me will decline a diagnosis of terminal narcissism) over the course of the next few weeks whilst I persuade you to come to see the play what I wrote. And Peter wrote. Don’t forget Peter. See, that’s not so hard, come and see the play that Pete wrote, it’s great. And so is he. Bigging up others is much better. Owen’s great.  And Martin’s great.  And Harri’s great.  And Mark.  And Lindsay.  And all of you bothering to trawl through this blog. YOU ARE ALL GREAT. Thank you for your support.

Tomorrow, I am going shopping for flooring with Pete. That is not acting. And then I will distribute some flyers...also not acting. And then send some more emails...not acting either.  But then we start actual bone fide ACTING on Monday – hurray! Not sure I'll know what to do. I best start on those lines, still the benefit of having written it is that no one can argue that you’ve got it wrong. Not even you Martin ;)

And now, to bed…