Hidden is a darkly comic story of six characters, their secrets and the intriguing puzzle of how they interweave and unravel in a modern urban world. Hidden peels back the skin and explores the inside.

A true gem
An irresistible play
A gem of the fringe

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Meet Claire, searching in her bagging area.
Meet Gareth, wrestling over breakfast.
Meet Cara, wondering if she's value for funny.
Meet James, breaking the rules on the ten past eight.
Meet Nina, crossing the thin blue line.
Meet Colin, knowing it's wrong, but he just can't help himself.
Meet what happens when they meet each other.

Meet Hidden.

BLACK TOFFEE are touring Hidden in association with HARROGATE THEATRE January - May 2014.

The tour is supported using public funding by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND

Full list of dates and details of how to book tickets are available here 

Hidden is a two-hander dark comedy-drama written and performed by Laura Lindsay and Peter Carruthers.

The urban jungle. Six People, six ordinary lives and one thing in common. Everyone has something to hide, something they would prefer others not to know, some tiny piece of shame, something tucked away for the sake of appearance, something...hidden. But all lives cross and interweave, we pass in the night, meet eyes on a crowded train, click on a computer screen...we present ourselves to the world...we connect.


A masterclass in observational comedy
— Plays To See

Hidden explores secrecy and honesty and how much of ourselves we reveal to others. The lives of six characters form a web of connections, from a fellow commuter, to a work colleague, to a partner. The consequences of openness, or lack of it, in these relationships unfolds in front of your eyes. 

This is all set against the backdrop of a modern, technologically connected and publicly exposed world. A world where, ironically, isolation and disconnection on a more human level are keenly felt. Through a humorous and heartfelt snapshot of modern living it explores the concept of our constructed identities in the modern world.

Well observed and very funny
— The Stage

Hidden is a unique piece of theatre by two talented emerging writer/performers. Each actor plays three characters, with impressive versatility and effortless transitioning between roles. Hidden skilfully blends laugh-out-loud observational humour, with genuine poignancy and insight.

The characters are ordinary, recognisable people with the same fantasies, dreams and fears as the rest of us. They are very human – flawed, but lovable. The brilliantly subtle interweaving of stories leaves the audience realising connections long after the play has finished.

This production is a bit special...see it whilst you still can
— Broadway Baby

#Hiddenontour:  What our audiences make of it:

"Sharp, witty and shockingly familiar"

"Absorbing and thought-provoking"

"One word - Awesome!"

"Offensively funny and subtly but crushingly poignant"

"We're new to the theatre - but you've set the bar high - we'll be back again!"

"Brilliant script and acting. Amazing really that two actors could portray six such different characters"

"Laugh out loud funny, heartfelt & honest - awesome!"

"Delicious lyrical decadence wrapped in a cosy teapot of life."



Video credit: Emma McDowell

Laura recently wrote an article for The Guardian on self-producing - check it out here: http://www.theguardian.com/stage/theatreblog/2014/mar/20/theatre-actor-producer-own-show

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Fantasies, fears and fixations hiding beneath the skin.

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